Červen 2011

Masový sulc

15. června 2011 v 11:59 | Irbise |  Recepty
Tak po dlouhé době přicházím s receptem. Napsala mi ho mamka, poté co moc chutnal návštěvě a ta chtěla recept:)


6. června 2011 v 14:35 | Irbise |  My english diary
Hello again,
I know that I wasnt been here very much lately. And I have been also surprised, that it is June. Such a nice moon of the year. Hot wether. But unfortunatelly, I dont have much time to enjoy it outside, because I still have examtime going on. It is so much work I had to do and so many things I had to learn.
Now I will continue in learning and hopefully I will write here soon again, or maybe add some music I like or so. But I promise that I will continue improving my english, so I will write english notes again.

By the way, I dont know if you remember that last year I wrote about our aloe blooming and that it should die after it. So nothing like that happened. It still lives and again bloom. Great, isnt it?

So have a great time, enjoy summer and sunshine, dont forget a suncream and sunglasses:)